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Civil War Ball

Balls and Wars

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Balls and Wars

We are so pleased to announce that $122 was made this year (2012) for the purchase of Bibles to send to our soldiers. You will have the opportunity again next year to donate on the day of the event.
Why host a ball during the Civil War, in the midst of such hardships? 
There were balls in America and balls in Victorian England.  The difference between the two is quite simple.  While both balls were social events, balls in America were often held to support the soldiers.  On some occasions there were very few gentlemen because most were off at war.  The ladies would host a ball to raise money and other items for the soldiers.  So, while they were having a great time, they knew it was a profitable time.
For this ball, our goal is to do the same as those men and women during the Civil War.  We wish this to be an enjoyable event for a purpose.  For this reason, we will be donating to The Gideons International to support the soldiers in the most important way.  This is a voluntary option for all those attending the ball.  You may give what ever the Lord leads you to give.  Bibles are much needed and much requested overseas.  In fact, the first pocket bibles for soldiers were supplied during the civil war! 
You may donate to this effort by bringing a donation the day of the ball.  We will post the outcome of this effort, that is, number of Bibles sent, on this website after the event. 
To find more on The Gideons International visit:

The Most Important Thing You Can Give.