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Civil War Ball

Frequent Inquiries (FAQ's)

Frequent Inquiries (FAQ's)
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Guidelines for dress - Gentlemen
Guidelines for dress - Ladies
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Why a Civil War Ball?
There is an educational benefit of the re-enactment of a time period in history.  Even more so, the turning back to a time where modesty and manners were esteemed is a refreshing change from the culture of today.  There is no excuse for the social and racial ills of the 1800's, and this ball is in no way intended to glorify them.  Rather, our desire is that all of our young adults, no matter who they are, will be able to come together and enjoy a social occasion free from the social ills of this day!  We hope this will be the highlight of your school year, and perhaps an exciting culmination or introduction to your study of this time period.
Who is invited to attend this event?
This is an event for high school and college students in the Home School Community.  Ladies or Gentlemen who are not schooled at home are welcome if they are escorting a home schooled attendee.  College students who have been home schooled are also invited and encouraged to attend. 
What is the age group? 
This is an event for high school and college age students.  It is scheduled for a time when college students are home on school break so that they may join in on this exciting event. 
Are chaperones needed?/Are parents encouraged to join in the fun?
It is not necessary to bring a chaperone; however, if parents wish to come, they are welcome.  We understand that some are traveling from a distance and it would be more convenient to attend.  Although we do not discourage parents to attend, we do not encourage it, either, as this is a student centered event.  If parents do attend,  they must purchase a ticket, and must also be dressed in period costume as this adds to the historic feel.  They must also have fun and dance!
May parents peek in?
Parents may peek in, but we would like to keep the historic atmosphere by asking those without tickets and proper dress to please stay out of the building. 
May I bring a camera? 
Although you may take pictures before and after the ball, to maintain the historic feel of the evening, we ask that you refrain from the use of your cameras during the event.  During the 1860's, photography was a profession, and not a pastime available to the common man.  We are providing a professional photographer with one camera to record the evening.  Please take a moment to look at examples of his work from the last event.  He will again provide a disc of photographs for sale at a modest price.  The amount of photographs on the disc were in the hundreds!  Quite a value!
What kind of dancing will be done at the ball?
The dances of the evening will be done in groups.  Dancers are paired for the individual dances, but dancers will not be in a close or intimate dancing posture.  Remember, not a breath of scandal!  You may reserve a partner for a dance by way of your signature on a dance card, which will be given to the ladies as they arrive at the ball.  Partners may be male and female, or female and female.  It was not uncommon for ladies to dance together as many of the young men were off to war!
How will I know how to do the dances?
A dance mistress will instruct us on the form and ways of the dances.  There will be some dancers that are familiar and will guide the others, and many others that will be learning just like you!
Must I have an escort/date?
No, you do not need to be escorted, nor do you need a date.  In fact, there will be a huge percentage that do not have dates. With the exception of a farewell walz and/or polka, the dancing is group dancing.
What are our guidelines for behavior?
Ladies and gentlemen will be instructed in the etiquette of the 1800's, and of course will be expected to behave in a manner appropriate for the time.  This is not a typical dance, nor is it a prom.  Respect, courtesy, modesty, and manners will be the rule of the evening.